My name is Brad Allen, and I’m a jazz and studio drummer in the Kansas City area. I have spent over 20 years, both performing as a professional drummer, as well as teaching private drum and percussion lessons to hundreds of students, at all different ages and levels. Brad Allen Drums was started simply as a way to pass on some of my knowledge of drumming to others, in the hope that it would both inspire them, and help them to become the best players they could possibly be.
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When I was very young, I was fortunate enough to win first place in 2 drumming competitions, winning over 70 other drummers in each competition.

I performed as a drummer/percussionist with the U.S. Army Band for over 7 years.

I’ve led my own jazz trio for over 10 years. I’ve released 2 CD’s, received lots of airplay, and played hundreds of gigs at clubs and festivals.

I’ve worked extensively as a sideman as well, backing some of the best jazz musicians in the world. Some of the musicians I’ve worked with include Lisa Henry, Queen Bey,
and Rod Fleeman.

I’ve also played and recorded in lots of other music genres and bands, including rock and country.

I’m performing in one of Kansas City’s best blues bands as well.
Michael Bourne and Kansas City Boogie

I’ve had some exciting success as a teacher as well. Several of my students have gone on to become professional drummers themselves. One of my students won the “Blue Valley Fastest Hands” contest for drumming 2 years in a row. I’ve found some great techniques that work and I’m very happy to be able to share what I know with other drummers.


I was fortunate to have some really good teachers to help me on my musical journey. Dave Divis was a student of Joe Morello, and is a graduate of Manhattan School Of Music. He taught me about stick control, and the Moeller Techniques used by Morello, Buddy Rich and Jim Chapin.

I also studied percussion with Steve Raybine at the University Of Nebraska At Omaha. Dr. Raybine is an Eastman School Of Music graduate, and former leader of the jazz-fusion band Auracle. Steve taught me a lot about jazz style and soloing, and helped develop my independence on the drum-set.

The drum and percussion teachers I studied with not only encouraged and inspired me, they helped me save lots of time in my development as a drummer by showing me how to practice efficiently. This helped me to get where I wanted to go much quicker than if I had been trying to “reinvent the wheel.” I hope to do the same favor for you.

Online Drum Lessons

At bradallendrums.com you’ll find snare drum lessons, online drum-set lessons, lessons on rock and jazz drumming and much more. Many of these are created by myself. I’m also glad to share lessons by other teachers that I feel are helpful as well.

Quotes From My Students

Brad worked as a drum teacher for my son from the ages from 11-16. Brad encouraged by son day by day at each lesson, the encouragement resulted in the constant addition of new skills and great competence, Brad encouraged him to play in many different styles and situations and provided opportunities that allowed him to stretch himself out of his comfort zone in many situations. In outside situations my son was not required to “try out” due to his well-known skills.

I would recommend Brad’s teaching expertise to anyone interested in learning drums or continuing to expand their skills.” Ed Feltman, Olathe, KS

Brad is currently working with me as a drum instructor. I had been working with another instructor for about 2 yrs when I realized it was time for change. Brad was a perfect fit when we met. Brad works with me once a week for anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hr depending on my needs. He has been so encouraging and supportive of everything I want to learn as well as what he feels I need to learn. My skills are improving everyday with the techniques he uses which fit me very well. I am very blessed to have him as my new drum instructor. He is very good at adapting to where you are and moving forward from there. I would recommend Brad to anyone who is ready to learn the drums no matter at what level you are currently playing.” Duane, Belton, MO

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